“If you allow identity to be determined by what appears to be likeness in the eyes of others you will lose a great deal.”
Words By Yvette Cooke

“I am really lucky with iZombie. I feel like I won the lottery. I work on a show I love with people I love and that is so rare.”
Words By Jules Raynes

Hearing Rupi Kaur speak felt like going to a party for women. There was snapping of fingers when something particularly profound was said – which was often.
Words By Alana Bruce

When told she should get her lady parts out of sci-fi, she says, “The best response is to continue writing bestsellers and do your thing.”

Listening to Geena Davis, I realized that many of us grow up feeling that we somehow take up too much space in the world.

From creating her own production company to her latest directing project Dissecting Gwen, we chat about it all and then some.
Words By Jules Raynes