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Madison Plummer

Meet Madison, a reviewer for Narrative Muse, originally from Auckland, but currently in exile on Australia’s Gold Coast. She mostly spends her time wandering around out in the sun and wondering what to do with her BFA (apart from singing lounge covers of Robbie Williams and Nancy Sinatra). She has a passion for all things lyrical and lonely, like films directed by Sophia Coppola and Jane Campion, and books by Patti Smith, Ali Smith and Mary Gaitskill.

Reviews by Madison Plummer:

Themes of innocence, the limits of loyalty and the injustice of privilege are braided throughout this provocative novel, and it pierces the heart and challenges the mind.
This animated drama has so much to give: visual delight, eye-opening Iranian history lessons, warm fuzzies about matriarchy, and a potent dose of girl power.
This is no fantasy like Harry Potter, but there are similarly colorful characters. And if you don’t like misery, maybe stick to Rowling’s earlier work.