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Ernest Green

Ernest is an actor/ stand-up comedian/ writer/ stage manager from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a BAC from Bowling Green State University. Ernest is passionate about the arts such as film, theatre, music, comedy and literature. He loves sports, especially basketball. Another passion of his is food (as should be everyone’s). So if you can cook, invite him round and he’ll come over. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Reviews by Ernest Green:

Famous rock star Janis Joplin moved counterclockwise against everything except time. She was light years ahead. She transcended.
An Oscar-winning candid window into the justification of honor killings through the eyes of the men who hold their daughters to ransom.
Claressa is more than just a girl who thinks she’s tough. She’s tough because she has to be.
It’s a painful pill to swallow on teen rape culture, which is heightened by social media and the rise of cyber-bullying.
Despite their imprisonment, the sisters find moments of abandon and passion while plotting their escape. They are pillars in the pentagon of sisterhood.
“The idea that a woman could be a person in her own right… this idea that we were primary in our own lives, to ourselves, was astonishing” - Ellen Burstyn
Full of heart, wrung till the last drop, then placed back in your chest while you wait for it to pump again.
If you love a raw, gritty indie, you’ll bathe in Girlhood and feel good and dirty. You’ll smell like a bouquet of documentaries.
If Pam Grier’s performance was a dance, it would be a cocoa ballet to the soundtrack of funk, disco, and soul.