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Melissa Balint

Meet Melissa. She’s a recent Los Angeles transplant from New York City. She’ll charm you with sloppy musings about random ideas when she’s had enough alcohol; otherwise, she’ll force you into friendship with fierce intimidation and/or whining. She makes a living through the magical medium of video. She’s a hard core geek who spends more time inside fiction than reality. Ask about her Star Wars wedding and we’ll throw in more pictures than you can stomach!

Reviews by Melissa Balint:

Divines is a dance between two charming, trouble-making best friends. It’s a stunning teenage gangster movie where girls are tough and guys are pretty.
On his road trip, Charles Wang, like most of us, doesn’t have a choice but to bring his family. Unlike most of us, he’s a millionaire mogul who lost everything.
There couldn’t be a better time for the U.S. and the world to receive this gift of perseverance and unity in an era of apathy and individualism.
This is proof that badass warrior girls are real. The documentary has a touching message with magnificent visual style.
Felicia day somehow managed to simultaneously make me wish I was her and treasure my own specific weirdness in this hilarious memoir.