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Whitney Johanson

Whitney’s a passionate high school English teacher and one of the few extroverts in existence who would rather be at home reading right now. She spent her childhood in Bangladesh but now she lives in a big ol’ house in Auckland filled with flatmates, cups of tea, and mismatched couches

Reviews by Whitney Johanson:

It celebrates the anticipation, the character growth, the secret make-out sessions of romance AND it is incredibly positive and affirming of women.
Spending time with this book reminded me of sitting up late at night with my best friend as we pour out our lives to each other.
I was lucky enough to stumble upon this vampire mystery without realizing that it inspired True Blood. It’s high-action, socially aware and love-crazed.
It's one of those films that feels like a gift – I loved every minute of it and the pleasant aftertaste of the experience stayed with me for days.
Polly is often funny, sometimes courageous, and gets her ass handed to her frequently enough for me to love her despite her flaws.
What could have been a depressing story about a pair of mopey teens was instead a touching, honest story about figuring out what’s worth living for.
When told she should get her lady parts out of sci-fi, she says, “The best response is to continue writing bestsellers and do your thing.”
The central romance is a spark of brilliant beauty and innocence within a complex, deeply wounded world.
It was totally unlike any other movie I’ve seen. It was panic inducing but I still enjoyed the ride.
Listening to Geena Davis, I realized that many of us grow up feeling that we somehow take up too much space in the world.
Illuminae restored my faith in reading. It’s a surprisingly rewarding sci-fi that told me what I needed to hear - We’re not invincible. We’re not perfect.