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Jess Brownwell

Meet Jess, a content curator for Narrative Muse. An analytical chemist and actress by trade, Jess likes to do things accurately and artistically. She is insatiably curious and is always trying something new, be it a crochet pattern, a new career or going on a solo adventure. Originally from Colorado, Jess now calls Wellington, New Zealand home.

Reviews by Jess Brownwell:

Made by Academy Award director Kathryn Bigelow, this award-winning thriller is a slow, intense burn. It asks, what cost must we pay for the retribution of 9/11?
Equity represents much of what is wrong with America. Land of the free? More like land of the greedy and morally ambiguous. It's every woman for herself.
While traveling to 10 different countries, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent explored what it would look like if we all did our part to reverse climate change.
When you put everything on the line for your politics, Mom is there to hold you and help pick up the pieces.