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Carl, father of three (mostly) delightful boys, loves to learn and wrestle with big ideas. He’s a massive nerd and will debate anything from which is the best Star Wars film (Empire obviously) to whether computers could ever be conscious (maaaaybe?). His love of movies, books, music, and technology has led him down a path of film and TV post-production, writing, acting, and now – back to school. The journey continues...

Reviews by Carl Smith:

Brie Larson and Marvel Studios redefine the cinematic superhero in this sci-fi/comic-book/roller-coaster thrill ride.
The classic Russian drama of love and loss, brought to life by a wonderful cast.
Superstar author J.K. Rowling indulges an authorial alter-ego in this escapist, gritty crime thriller.
Amanda Gefter’s endearing charm and irrepressible curiosity elevate this personal and scientific odyssey into a whole other multiverse.