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Ella Russell

Ella is a writer/editor for Narrative Muse based in Toronto. Raised near Salem MA, known for its 19th century witch trials (it’s always Halloween there), she grew up with a love for history and all things fantastical – from classic fairytales to comic superhero/villain action (please, please never mention Suicide Squad). Her favorite films are by Studio Ghibli and her ultimate dream is to write a story deemed animation-worthy by Miyazaki himself.

Reviews by Ella Russell:

While it’s so delightfully far-fetched – godly and malevolent and pop-y – this comic isn’t afraid to get self conscious about reality.
Hélène may be different, her mind often off in the cosmos, but she is also a treasure trove of charisma and insight and wonder.
Home to ill-tempered volcanoes, fish that impart prophetic visions, and beetles that hum death, Gullstruck is the perfect fantastical setting to get lost in.
This is a collection of over a hundred cunning, funny, and downright savage fairy tales. Some made me laugh, or quirk an eyebrow, or broke my heart.
Watching each frame is like being sucked into a Goya painting. None of it is perfect or neat. It’s bewildering, intense, and rich.
The stunning animation, fascinating magic, and bizarre and loveable characters make this movie wonderfully out of this world.
Okorafor paints a vivid picture of the cost of turning a blind eye to injustice in the world and accepting the poisoned status quo.
Without warning, Alice’s bewildering journey through Wonderland made sense of an on-going struggle of my own – “adulting.”