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Shelbi Polk is a Narrative Muse Editor and Copywriter and freelance writer based in North Carolina. Her money mainly goes to books and travel, with some set aside for supporting local musicians. She’s also working on her first book, in between daydreams about the next trip she hopes to take – biking between towns in Eastern Europe!

Reviews by Shelbi Polk:

Imagine “Josie and the Pussycats” crossed with “The Hangover,” starring two middle-aged women whose greatest compliment is “you could be a model for Chicos.”
The women in this novel agonize over their desires for their bodies: what they can do with the body, what they can create with it, how it can be in a way that’s separate from partners.
Low Country is an atmospheric memoir that focuses more on the ghosts that haunt South Carolina’s low country region – both metaphorical and potentially literal – than one specific life.
Shirley tackles a lot, including the author as the “isolated eccentric” and the smilingly pervasive misogyny of the era.
The film is about power and control – having it, seeking more of it, and abusing it.
Crip Camp tells the story of five activists who met at Camp Jened and grew up to fight for the right to live in a more accessible America.