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Stephanie is pursuing a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Creativity is her weapon and numbers and words are her passions. She spends her days solving equations and her nights reading and writing stories. She believes books and films have the power to bring people from all different backgrounds together. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she has always had two clear goals: to grow and learn as much as possible and to do something good for the world.

Reviews by Stephanie Muñiz:

Gerwig’s adaptation makes sure to let women know that their narratives, no matter how domestic or ordinary they may seem, are important.
This poetic novel and its powerful main character, Xiomara Batista, helped me remember why I fell in love with writing in the first place.
I wanted to shave my hair off, throw away my markers of beauty, and embark on my own self-love journey.